Welcome to the Marriage Masters Academy!

Ready to say bye to confusion and hello to connection?

Our academy is where we offer our 6-week group coaching program where couples who are seeking solutions, community support, and relationship satisfaction to have a completely connected marriage! 

Our academy is for REAL people who are ready to have REAL conversations and ready to do the work to TRANSFORM and INVEST in their marriage.

Our goal is to Equip, Encourage, and Support you with the strategies and solutions you need to have deeply connected marriages! 

We have 3 different cohorts throughout the year to allow flexibility and planning for couples to join in,. 

We are clapping and rooting for you because you are not like the other couples who refuse to invest in their marriage or do something different to have the relationship or marriage you desire. 

We don't take it lightly that you are here and for that, we say THANK YOU!! 

If you aren't enjoying your marriage, you aren't doing it right! -The Tinsley's, Co-Founders

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